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 "DAWN OF REVOLUTION" | A Halo Machinima Series | Season 2 Recruiting

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PostSubject: "DAWN OF REVOLUTION" | A Halo Machinima Series | Season 2 Recruiting   Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:29 pm

CURRENT STATUS: Recruiting voice and body actors.

As you may all know, I started a new Halo 4 machinima called "Dawn of Revolution". It is set up to last 3 seasons, with 6 episodes each. Season 1 was just recently completed and you can watch all 6 episodes here.

I am almost finished with the writing for Season 2 and filming will begin sometime in February, with the first episode coming out in March. I will update this thread as needed with all the information needed for filming dates, etc.

PLOT SYNOPSIS: It has been 6 months since the termination of the Rogue Army. A former Rebel, Jake Sully, has taken over as the Commander-in-Chief of the new Democratic galaxy.
Samuel has moved away to start a new life.
The twins have left Jake and the alliance in hopes to start over.
So far things have been peaceful...but that is about to change. A new enemy has surfaced, Raymond, a former member of the Rogue Army has a plan to reunite the Rogues and fulfill Chancellor Gregory's destiny. And the first part of his plan is about to commence...

VOICE ACTORS: I need several voice actors for this upcoming season. Please post here if you would like to be a voice actor and for which character. The names in parentheses indicate the Gamertag of the voice actor, and thus, the role is already taken. So find an open role (blank parentheses) and let me know! I have also included a little bio next to most of the roles.

Narrator (Riot Rojas) -
Jake (Adam429) - Main character.
Jimmy ( ) - Right hand man to Jake. Lots of lines.
Warden ( ) - Warden of prison. Small amount of lines.
Nick (Vorpist) - Ally to Jake. Twin #1. Medium amount of lines.
Rick (Eric) - Ally to Jake. Twin #2. Medium amount of lines.
Samuel (Adam429) - Former enemy. Now aligned with Jake.
Hali (Justine23Ghosty) - Main enemy. Female. Lots of lines.
Raymond ( ) - Another enemy. Lots of lines.
Crane ( ) - Enemy, right hand man to Raymond. Medium amount of lines.
Various extras ( ) - Guards, Rogues, and Allied soldiers. Can be voiced by people who want to take on dual roles.

BODY ACTORS: I am not going to assign specific people to be specific roles for body acting. Instead, I am just going to announce filming dates here and whoever can make it will be assigned a character then.

GRAPHIC ARTISTS: I need people with Photoshop (or other image-editing programs) to make some pictures for me. Post here if you're interested and I can PM you more details.
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"DAWN OF REVOLUTION" | A Halo Machinima Series | Season 2 Recruiting
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